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OperFi Services

OperFi offers responsive, mission critical services to trucking companies looking to streamline their core business processes to be more agile and efficient in the fast moving logistics industry.


OperFi’s main service offering is the purchase of accounts receivables at a discounted rate. OperFi provides its clients with immediate working capital by purchasing invoices for services which have already been performed. Factoring allows small-medium size companies who don’t qualify for traditional financing to receive the working capital needed to maintain and grow their business.

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Factoring Abstract
Factoring and Consultation Services


OperFi provides a personal, efficient, and consultative service to the small business owner trying to grow their operation but don’t have the administrative manpower or know-how to stay afloat in the competitive market. OperFi offers its clients free credit checks, credit consulting, billing services, and collection services so that its clients can focus on their core competencies and gaining their next customer.

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OperFi extends its service offering to a whole suite of vendors who service the clients in the same industry in order to provide an all in one service offering for their business. OperFi’s referral partners offer the following services which complement the trucking industry: Insurance, Dispatch, Compliance, Electronic Logging Devices, Fleet/Equipment Financing, Legal, Accounting, and other general business services.

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Factoring Referral Network

OperFi’s main priority is to ensure that our clients have the tools and resources to grow their operation successfully and never have to worry about accessing capital.