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Free Load Boards For Trucking Companies

By June 11, 2019March 6th, 2020No Comments
OperFi Load Boards

Staying loaded on the road is a critical component to running a successful trucking operation. There’s nothing worse than getting a high paying rate and arriving into your destination only to find that there aren’t any loads nearby or that you’re going to have to run empty for 500 miles just to find a load.

OperFi understands the frustration of tacking on dead head miles and seeks to provide our carriers with options in order to keep them loaded and always running with revenue on their back. The below lists are resources online where carriers can find loads and never be in an empty position.

In order to divide these providers, we’ve separated the difference between load boards who are aggregators for a number of different brokers and shippers and then a section for shippers and brokers themselves where the loads are specific for their respective companies.

Load Board Aggregators

These are OperFi’s favorite load boards because they include a number of different brokers and usually have the most load offerings available. There are paid services that provide the same offering as well but will provide a free trial period in case you only want to test their service out

Broker/Shipper Specific Load Boards

These brokers and shippers are all approved for OperFi factoring and have consistent freight throughout the country and post loads specific to their company’s loads. Some of these Brokers/Shippers require the carrier to be registered in their system prior to being able to search for loads. Below we will identify both of those groups.

NOTE: Current approvals of brokers and shippers apply when this article was written. Contact to confirm current status



As with any customer, always make sure OperFi approves the credit prior to working with them and turning in invoices for factoring. Many brokers will offer quick pay programs but usually it is easier to use a transportation factoring company like OperFi to manage all your billing and collections for all your customers. We understand the payables processes for the above brokers and shippers and will work diligently to help you stay loaded, stay pay, and never dead head.

OperFi’s mission is to provide our clients with the operational resources and working capital to help them grow and scale.

Operation Finance: Working Capital. Mission Accomplished.



OperFi is a transportation factoring company providing working capital and operational resources to trucking entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their trucking business.